Why is nature in Queensland under threat?

While Queenslanders may have pride in our beautiful state, we’ve proven to be poor at protecting it in recent years. 

Since European settlement; deforestation, rampant development and inadequate  land management practices have seen many of  the vast, diverse landscapes that make up Queensland changed forever. 

When it comes to land clearing and the destruction of national threatened species habitat, Queensland still ranks as the worst state in Australia.

Our failure to prioritise the protection of nature also shows in the slow growth of our protected area network.

Just 8.7% of Queensland is currently designated as protected area (including national parks and private protected areas),  the lowest percentage of any state in Australia. In contrast, South Australia protects 30% and Tasmania protects 42%. 

Without adequate protected areas, we stand to lose many native species of plant and animal forever. 
We will lose the connection to country that First Nations people have nurtured for millennia. 

We will lose the green spaces that we love to explore and relax in.

Not adequately protecting our native landscapes has already had disastrous consequences, and the situation will get worse unless we act now to protect beautiful Queensland.